Release date: March 2003. Label: Self-release.

Debut Album. Meet the Noonday demons.



Unfortunately, the debut CD is sold out by now.

Since December 2015 the full album can be downloaded on a "pay what you want" basis from bandcamp.

Includes rare bonus track "Opium Beach Party" + bonus Remix of "Desert's Harvest" by Spherical Disrupted + full CD artwork files + promotional postcard artwork.

Wormgear Magazine

This is a six song CD, from a project I can't seem to find any information on except for live shows they have played in their native Germany. They pull together numerous elements; traditional instruments, ambient and noise textures, field recordings and sampling etc. "Lysergic Soldier" opens with a slow bass guitar rhythm and ambient drone, heavily processed, computer like spoken passages come in and the bass line is complimented with additional electronics and a very minimal surf guitar line. It's loose and lingering despite having the bass as a concrete core, with a unique overall feel to the track. "
Piss Stain In The Lobby" uses a distorted and reverb drenched chord progression as foundation, to this there are samples and clean guitar strums, and little melodies. The rambling of the spoken sample mixed with the dirge like tone of the music and the clear melody give this a sinister feel. Sinister in the way that you can see someone becoming slowly unraveled behind their eyes, but not outwardly. Crumbling low end distortions and subtle higher frequencies move through the mix as well.
"Desert's Harvest" is again rooted on a simple bass line and selective guitar accents and melody augmentation, muddied textures run beneath and loops emerge in time with the rhythm of the bass. There are clanks and clunks of field recordings and found objects that appear in small doses as well to provide some nice subtle details. "Noonday Demons" begins with buzzing electronics, and clanks as a vibrato heavy guitar melody emerges to form the foundation. Additional clean guitar over the top of this provides a secondary melody and the experimental elements and shifting electronics fill in the empty spaces.
 "Narcopolis" begins with news samples from the 9/11 attacks and a grinding slow loop. The clean guitars come into meet these elements accented with solitary distorted chord accents, and squirming, phased electronics swishing through the background. As the clean melody falls away, and environmental din emerges along with some "man on the street" commentary samples from that day, and the distorted side of the instrumentation gains prominence.
The final piece is entitled "Nuke" and uses a simple distorted electro beat along with a fuzzy guitar melody and slowed and obscure sampling of voices moaning in the distance. This album as really impressed me a lot. The feel is one of lamentation and dreariness as it trudges along. Yet there is a warmth and smokiness to it as well due in large part to that surf/spaghetti western influenced clean guitar tone. This doesn't really sound like anything I have heard before, it's ambient and droning, but has so much character and beauty to it's simplistic structures and melodies and is fleshed out well with all of the subtle textures and voices and what not. Really outstanding.

Bad Alchemy #42

Lasst euch umarmen, schwarzgallige Brüder im Zeichen Saturns. Das ist der ultimative miese Trip durch die finsteren Kanäle von 'Narcopolis'.
Debro-Gitarre, Debro-Bass, Debro-Gemurmel und Lo-Fi-Electronics ergießen sich als zähes Fuzz-Gewaber mit fiesen Echokaskaden aus einem Leck geschlagenen
Bewusstsein, das unter der im Smog verblutenden Sonne auf Sand gelaufen ist. Vor Jahren schon. Das hinter den Horizont geschrumpfte Meer, unser kleines Herdenglück, ist nur noch eine stinkende Erinnerung.
Den Tag beherrschen die 'Noonday Demons'. Erst nachts schwärmen die 'Lysergic Soldiers' aus, zitternde Schatten, eher Beute als Jäger, bewaffnet nur mit ihrer Gier. Die 'Piss Stains in the Lobby' verraten, wo sie auf ihre Connection gewartet haben, lange und vergeblich. Welcome im dystopischen Wasteland, enjoy your Holiday in Mogadishu. Natürlich bleibt diese Klangwelt trotz aller angekränkelter Frequenzen, aller Drogen- und Psychotripäquivalenzen eine harmlose mollgetönte Idylle.
Jeder Newsflash, jeder Zeitungsreport von den Kreuzzugs- und Elendsfronten oder auch vom schamlosen Umbau des Sozialstaates in eine legalisierte Freibeuterzone schüttelt einen mit stärkerer Übelkeit und bittererer Ohnmacht. Aber keine Musik könnte damit konkurrieren. Auch sollte man den Melancholiker nicht mit dem Phlegmatiker verwechseln. Trübsinn ist nicht zwangsläufig der Schuhlöffel in die bequeme Passivität. Wenn die Melanchoholics sich als vom Trübsal Berauschte bekennen, dann hat das auch eine (selbst)kritische Spitze. Mit dem Einblenden von Broadcaststimmen von 9/11 liefern sie auch selbst den V-Effekt gegen das Sich-Einmummeln im Dröhnkokon. 
R. Dittmann           
"Welcome to eternal darkness" warnt die Website der Melanchoholics bereits von weitem - wir dürfen uns also warm anziehen. Was die Düsseldorfer auf ihrem selbstbetitelten 40minütigen Debut anstellen, ist finster, dräuernd und bohrend und erfüllt mühelos den Tatbestand äußerst wirksamer Deformierung der Ambient-Realität. The greatest story ever droned. Was natürlich etwas zu hoch gegriffen ist, dennoch erstaunlich, wie Melanchoholics in zumindest teilweise herkömmlicher Besetzung (knorriger Brummelbass, prengelnde Gitarrensaiten) böse einsaugende Tracks voller Kreuzmonotonie fabrizieren und diese mit industriellem Weichstich-Crunchen, Radiogeräuschen und drohenden Sprachsamples aufarbeiten. Da marschieren die Lysergic Soldiers, stinkt's nach Piss Stains In The Lobby, und die Geister kommen auch am Tag (Noonday Demons). Eine spannungsgeladene, hypnotisch kokelnde Geschichte mit Zukunftsaussichten und Underground-Prognose - fragt mal Edward Ka-Spel, mit dem die Band schonmal in Zipos Wohnzimmer gastierte. Ob da wohl auch elektrische Sessel rumstehen?
Dwayne Pilz
    Real Art magazine, web

It is the personal project of deafborn records chief - I can be mistaken but if it is so - then he is right to hold his music "on a distance" from noise-terrarium of the label.
The name of the band is 100-percent corresponds to the music!!! Melancholics! Melancholics! Melancholics! More adequate transfer of feeling of depression or melancholies by musical means you'll never find!
He-he, it is necessary to talk about music, in this case it is simply remarkable! From the first steps for myself I've defined it as the sad version of "3rd Gatekeeper" by Skullflower - as much as possible sated with sadness and melancholy and not deprived the same energy and power as Skullflower's music.
Though already it is possible to speak about practically whole direction in post-rock - slow, sad, guitar meditative music, but I would not put Melancholics in this heap - there is something alive and real in them...
Guitar... Here the guitar is so tasty, that despite of radical ascetism (probably, it it is necessary even to tell a word "minimalism") of the solo sets (by the way, it looks very much interesting - on the background of several levels of "guitar walls" incredibly emotional solo sounds, periodically covered with noise guitar wave). It is possible to listen to this band only from desire of really beautiful and pure guitar - I'M WRITING ABOUT NOISE-BAND, pay attention!!!  It is interesting what the continuation will be?...
Pavel Baleevsky    

    Black Syrup 'zine

The first, self-titled demo of German trio MELANCHOHOLICS contains 6 tracks that will take you to a dreamlike psychedelic trip, revealing the caleidoscope of grey images of your own days.
These fourty minutes of exciting dark flowing ambient will calm you, hypnotize you and crawl through your skin, echoing in your mind for a long time after.
There is no drums in the first five tracks - just flows of slow, cyclic guitar riffs with various effected ambient textures and loops, drones and samples. The very uncommon journey starts with reverberant sound of Lysergic Soldiers, the track that introduces Melanchoholics' intoxicating instrumental force with fuzzy voices coming from the dusty depths of your speakers. The following Piss Stains In the Lobby is based on low pulses, splashed by the constant waves of floating effected guitar and additionally animated by sleepy literary narration. A single low bass guitar tone creates the sound plain of Desert's Harvest, while guitar reverbs fills the vast empty landscape. In Noonday Demons the accented guitar is the main narrator and
the playing is evocating the atmosphere of Pink Floyd's clean psychedelic guitars. The longest, nearly 8 minutes long walk through Narcopolis begins with some sampled stress-inducing NYC radio news content, and on the opposite the background hums are trance-inducing. The closing piece titled Nuke is different in a way that it got rhythm and the main guitar theme; altogether sounding like a slow-motion of some spaghetti western movie?
Hard to label, the sound of MELANCHOHOLICS can please the fans of various contemplative styles with a dark touch, whether it's called ambient, atmospheric, drone or just experimental music. It is very cinematic, and actually the band did a soundtrack for documentary film Ekel by C. Pfafferott in 2005.
Though the main quality of this release is to allow you seeing the movie of your own inner images. So, you don't have to wait for a night time to explore the gloomy side of your soul - try receiving the visit of the 'noonday demons' called MELANCHOHOLICS. You won't be bored with them, that's for sure...
Stevan Lenhart